Ultrasonic Homogenizers (Sonicators)

Ultrasonic homogenizers, commonly referred to as “sonicators,” disrupt tissues and cells through cavitation and ultrasonic waves.  Basically, an ultrasonic homogenizer has a tip which very rapidly vibrates, causing bubbles in the surrounding solution to rapidly form and collapse.  This creates shear and shock waves which tear apart cells and particles.

Ultrasonics / sonicators are great for breaking apart cells and subcellular structures in suspension.  They are not good for homogenizing intact tissue.  Ultrasonic homogenizers can also shear DNA, which could be a good thing or a bad thing depending on your application.  Other applications include creating emulsions, dispersing nanoparticles, and reducing the size of particles in suspension.  Sonicators generate a significant amount of heat so they may not work well with temperature-sensitive samples.  Acoustic enclosures are highly recommended; after all, you’re homogenizing using high-powered sound waves. 

The Q125 is a digital, programmable ultrasonic processor. Features include pulse mode and a digital display of both wattage and joules.

This 125 watt unit is effective for standard cell disruption, DNA/RNA shearing, homogenization and many other applications. The Q125 is ideal for small samples and for users who will not need to scale up to larger volumes in the future. Adjustable pulse On and Off times can be programmed from 1 second to 1 minute. Total programming has a maximum setting of 10 hours.

  • Programmable operation – Set time and amplitude for hands free operation
  • Pulse mode – Prevent heat buildup in temperature sensitive samples
  • Digital amplitude / intensity control – Output intensity can be set from 20-100%
  • Elapsed time indicator – Displays duration of sonication
  • Display of wattage and joules – Real-time energy monitoring
  • Overload protection – Prevents damage to circuitry if a fault occurs
  • RoHS compliant – Uses lead free components
  • Compact design – Takes up less space than competitive units

The Q125 Sonicator can be purchased with or without a standard 1/8” diameter probe.  A variety of probe / horn options are available; please click the button below for all accessories.

Please note: There is a 2 – 3 week lead time on all Sonicator units.  Expedited processing, which decreases the lead time to 5 days, is offered for an additional $150. A stand is not included with purchase.

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